Which coach should I work with?

Our schedule

When you log into your account on WCOnline, you’ll see an information box at the top of the schedule with symbols designating our coaches’ areas of expertise. Be sure to pay attention to the symbols after the coach names if you’re looking for a specific skill set like a professional-level “staff coach” or an ELL specialist.

What’s a ‘staff coach’?

Coaches at the Writing Center are either students (graduate & undergraduate), or professional staff (“Professional Writing Coach”) who hold Master’s or Doctoral degrees. All of our coaches are equipped to help any student, though writers at the graduate level should consider if the level of their project would be better discussed with a graduate student or staff writing coach. Staff coaches are indicated on our schedule by their degree.

Undergraduate residential students (Azusa campus)

Face-to-face appointments are available on both West and East Campus for undergraduate students residing on the Azusa Campus. Our East Campus location is in the Marshburn Library and our West Campus location, the Writing Center Annex, is located in Building 1. Undergraduate students may make appointments with any of our staff except for our doctoral coaches.

Undergraduate commuter, graduate, and Regional Campus students

Face-to-face appointments and online appointments are available for undergraduate commuters, graduate students, and students at the San Diego, High Desert, and Inland Empire Regional Centers. Make sure to select the “Online and Regional Centers” calendar when searching for these appointments. These students can make appointments with any of our staff.


Doctoral students

Our doctoral coaches are available to meet with APU faculty and doctoral students. Dr. Tori Dalzell specializes in doctoral writing, and many doctoral students also choose to work with Dr. Jesús Salazar. See our staff page for their bios. Doctoral students are also free to make appointments with any of our other coaches as well. Due to the nature of doctoral programs’ work, we recommend that doctoral students select a graduate student or professional-level coach.