How do I book an appointment?
Just go to https://apu.mywconline.com/ and follow the instructions:

PDF Handouts:

YouTube Videos:

How many appointments can I make per week?
APU and University College students may sign up for two appointments of 30 or 45 minutes each per week. A 45-minute appointment is usually the most productive length of time for a single appointment, especially online.

Is there any charge for making an appointment?
Nope! All services at the APU Writing Center are 100% free to current APU and University College students.

I see several different schedules when booking an appointment. What’s the difference?
Each schedule corresponds to a different location where you can make an appointment. Our staff can help you at APU’s East and West Campus locations; at our regional centers in the High Desert, Inland Empire, and San Diego; and anywhere in the world when you schedule an online appointment.

What if I’m located outside of the area? Can I still get help?
Yes! Several of our staff are available for online consultations – you can find their availability on the Regional Centers and Online schedules, and by looking for the online note next to staff names in the East Campus and West Campus schedules.

I can’t find an appointment slot that works with my schedule. What should I do?
Contact the Writing Center and we’ll see what we can do. APU has students located around the world, and we do our best to accommodate people from many different regions and time zones. In the past, we’ve managed to setup online appointments for students in Asia, Australia, and South Africa, to name just a few places – as well as students closer to home who want to skip out on traffic. 

All of the appointment slots on the schedule are full this week. What can I do?
Contact the Writing Center and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll put you on our waiting list (in case of any cancellations), see if we can connect you with other staff members who are available, and can sometimes even add extra coverage to help you. We can only help you with these if you let us know that you need an appointment, though, so give us a call or send us an email!

I’m applying to an internship or fellowship. Can you help me with my application letter?
Absolutely! We’d be more than happy to do so; make sure to also book an appointment with our colleagues at Career Services to get feedback on your resume or CV. If you have a lot of letters, be sure to schedule adequate time in the Writing Center to review them all with a coach.

Do you offer workshops on APA?
Yes! We offer dozens of workshops on many writing-related topics, including several on different aspects of APA. You can browse our complete schedule online.

Doctoral Students

Can I get feedback on APA formatting?
Certainly – every member of the Writing Center staff can give you detailed feedback on APA formatting, including helping you to understand the rules and conventions. Make sure to check out our handouts and how-to guides!

Can I get feedback on my dissertation?
Absolutely – our motto is “Any student. Any project. Any stage.” You can make an appointment to discuss note-taking strategies, drafting your proposal, chapter content, wording, and more. 

Can I meet with a writing coach in person?
All students can make in-person appointments at our East Campus, West Campus, High Desert, Inland Empire, and San Diego locations. 

*Please note that our doctoral writing specialist, Dr. Tori Dalzell, is available for both face-to-face or online appointments. 

I’ve been out of school for a long time and am having trouble with academic writing. What can I do?
Don’t panic, make an appointment instead. If you can, bring a recent sample of your writing and any feedback that you may have received. If you’re having trouble getting started or with organizing your writing, you should also check out our how-to guides.

I’m preparing a journal article for publication. Can I get feedback?
Absolutely! When making your appointment, let us know what journal(s) you are planning on submitting to. Different journals have different expectations for style, appearance, and formatting, and providing this information will help us give you tailored feedback.