Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Summer 2018 Online Workshops

One-on-one online workshops are now available this summer! You can set up an online workshop appointment with one of our professional writing coaches to review any of the topics listed below. For assistance setting up an online workshop appointment, please contact Lauren Solis at (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3142.

*Workshop presentations typically last 45-60 minutes.
APA Formatting – Online
This workshop reviews the fundamental document formatting requirements in one of the leading scientific writing formats, APA. During this workshop, we will focus on visual formatting elements such as creating columns, headings, and long quotations.

APA Citations – Online

This workshop explores discussing your sources within APA style to allow for better clarification of complex and detailed materials. During this workshop, we will focus on aspects of APA that describe specific textual wording choices to clarify your sources.

Introducing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism – Online

This introductory workshop will show you how to incorporate the words and ideas of others into your text, and how to properly acknowledge your sources. This workshop will cover quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and signal phrases.

MLA Refresher – Online

Join us online for a quick, easy crash course on MLA Formatting and Style. Master the art of citations in MLA style with ease.

Smartphone Writing – Online

Need a good reason to be on your phone? This helpful online workshop will show you how to use your smartphone apps to manage your time and get a head start on researching and writing essays.
Please download the following free apps on your phone before the workshop begins:
•        APU Mobile
•        Google Drive
•        Google Docs
•        Adobe Acrobat

Technical & Business Writing Skills – Online

This online workshop introduces technical and business writing skills by focusing on readability and comprehension through writing concisely, using visuals, and explaining information clearly. Technical writing is recommended for students majoring in Business, Engineering, Mathematics, Accounting, Computers, Graphic Design, and other related fields.

The Art of the Argument – Online

This online workshop will cover the basics of writing arguments, including thesis statements, premises, evidence, audience, and addressing counterarguments.

Writing Killer Intros – Online

Killer intros stun readers. (See what we did there?)

Join us for this fun online workshop and learn how to slay readers with your introductions!

Zotero (Citation Management Software) – Online

This workshop is an introduction to Zotero, which can help you organize sources and automatically format citations and bibliographies in APA, Chicago, or MLA.